Smart Parking

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Tackling theft through
smart parking

TAPA EMEA’s 2019 annual study reported 2019 as the highest levels of crime recorded in the association’s 23-year history. A 114.7% growth, year-on-year was recorded. The highest % of these crimes occurred at truck stops (secured & unsecured). This is why Freightsafe has partnered with Bosch to create the worlds first Modular Cargo Bay, Using a combination of the Bosch booking platform and our MCBs we have created one of the world’s securest places to park your trailer. 24/7, motion censored secure parking bay that secures your trailer on a space-by-space basis. We believe we can build you a secure parking solution just about anywhere. In fact, it only takes 2 days to set one up.


Improving driver wellbeing
and safety

The IRU’s 2019 ‘tackling the driver shortage’ study shows that as much as one-fifth of the necessary supply of drivers is missing. The driver capacity is only forecasted to continue its decline. Smart parking can help! Offering truck drivers the opportunity to share journeys by swapping trailers en route allows them to be home more often, increasing job satisfaction and retention. When drivers need to take an overnight stop, they can leave the trailer securely with us, and take their break safely where they want, like supermarkets, hotels, pharmacies, and much, much more.

Cutting out diesel charging

The road freight industry contributes its fair share of CO2 emissions. However, a significant push is being made to create sustainable supply chains, and the refrigerated transport sector is at the centre of it. One solution to reducing CO2 emissions is to maintain the temperature of refrigerated trailers using charging systems, as opposed to running off diesel generators. Freightsafe comes with an integrated Nomadpower charging system for your trailer.

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