How it works //

Traditionally, truck parking comes in the form of truck stops, which focus more on selling fuel, and less on parking. We’re reshaping this approach…

Choosing a parking type ● Purchase plan ● Order details ● Registering

Upcycle what already exists

Between the world’s malls, warehouses, ports, depots and other truck-related properties there are +10m parking spots that can be up-cycled into smart parking hubs today. That means no Greenfield purchase & development.

Retrofit these locations with scalable infrastructure

We’ve developed modular parking bays that can be deployed in days. They are 95% demountable and relocatable. They up-cycle unused space into smart parking spaces.

Connect them via a smart platform

We then integrated a digital parking platform with Bosch Secure Truck Parking that allows drivers to reserve, record & pay for parking.

We are delivering & scaling smart truck parking at…


Half the price 💰


A third of the CO2 🌱

10 times

10X faster than a traditional truck parking space 💨💨💨