What are the rules when on-site?

  1. All drivers must be declared – no charges are incurred for additional passengers. Failure to declare all drivers is a breach of conditions and you may be refused entry.
  2. We would like to inform you that for safety reasons, drivers with reduced mobility cannot be accommodated within Freightsafe Bays.
  3. No smoking.
  4. No eating and drinking outside of the truck when inside the Bay.
  5. The speed limit is 10 km in the Bay zone.
  6. Keep cab curtains open at all times.
  7. The maximum height allowed for vehicles in our Freightsafe Bays is 4.20m. Please lower and secure your aerials before entering.
  8. The tarpaulin must always be correctly attached to the trailer and in good condition.
  9. Fully apply your handbrake and turn off the ignition, removing the keys.
  10. Ensure your fuel cap is on.

How does check-in work?

How to enter your Freightsafe bay:

  1. Driver must align to the assigned Bay, ready to reverse the trailer towards the roller door.
  2. The driver must call their dispatcher to confirm alignment and request roller door access. The dispatcher will then activate the roller door via the reservation link.
  3. The driver to reverse the trailer into the Freightsafe Bay and uncouple the truck from the trailer.
  4. The driver must then drive forward and leave the unit. Wait for the doors to automatically close.
  5. The driver must not enter the Bay at any point during the stay. If the Driver needs to regain entry, they must call their dispatcher.
  6. The driver must repeat this process when leaving the Bay – Call dispatcher to open the Bay, recouple the trailer and immediately leave the Bay, ensuring the roller door closes behind them (this will happen automatically).

Why can't I access my Bay?

There are two requirements when accessing your Freightsafe parking bay:

  1. You MUST inform your Dispatcher that you are aligned in front of the correct Bay before your entry is granted.
  2. Your Dispatcher must only use their access codes when the driver is ready to reverse the trailer (access codes are single use (one for entry and one for exit).

Note: If either of these requirements are not met, access to the bay will be denied. In the event the driver is denied access, we instruct them to contact their Dispatcher, who can raise the issue with Freightsafe: info@freightsafe.co

  1. Stay where they are. Only move your vehicle if blocking another vehicle.
  2. Contact your transport team immediately and tell them the precise issue.
  3. Wait with your trailer at all times, until you receive further instruction.
  4. Do not park in any available unsecured bays.


How do I amend my booking?

How do I report a maintenance issue with my Bay?

Please email info@freightsafe.co

Where do I find the exact location of the Freightsafe?

To protect the security of our clients, the exact location of your Freightsafe Bay is only released once a valid booking is made.

What type of trucks do Freightsafe accommodate?

We accommodate ONLY EU road class 2 standard 13.6m trailers.

M Ft
Length 13.6 44
Width 2.49 8.2
Height 4 13.1


Aerial Safety PDF
Electrical Safety PDF
General Safety PDF