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Our mission is to build and scale the future of truck parking.

The Problem

There are 22 million trucks in the world that are mandated by law to park every day. However, there is a global shortage of parking spaces (more than 250,000 spaces), resulting in billions of losses every year through theft.



It is estimated that +$40bn of cargo is stolen annually from trucks parked insecurely.


The environment

+$18bn in wasted driving hours, looking for parking = 134m tons of CO2 added unnecessarily to our climate.


A driver shortage

The industry is also suffering a global driver shortage. 85% of drivers cite parking as the biggest problem.



As the industry evolves and electric trucks become more common, the need for convenient charging does too.



A whopping 15-30% of trucks drive around empty, carrying no cargo, creating new demand for a seamless drop and swap approach.

“We believe the future for road freight is bright, and that smart truck parking networks will sit in the middle of this future.”


We have a flexible, scalable solution that solves all of these issues…

Are you experiencing any of the problems above? Are you looking for a small, medium or large business?

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