Our mission

Freightsafe’s mission is to develop a network of autonomous parking hubs where trucks can park, exchange and charge their trailers.

we understand the problem.

Freightsafe is repurposing under-utilised truck-related real estate, to develop the future of autonomous truck parking. Freightsafe and Bosch GmbH have developed a fully automated, modular parking bay that securely stores, exchanges and charges truck trailers. Billions ($) are lost annually to the theft of cargo at truck stops, trucks sitting idle on their breaks, and diesel generators running refrigerated trailers. Better utilising smart parking services


The largest % of cargo crime occurs at truck stops. Globally, levels of cargo crime are at their highest. If you struggle to find enough secure parking on your transport network it’s simply because of a lack of access to the infrastructure required to truly protect your cargo.

Driver Wellbeing

The road freight industry continues to suffer a fall in the number of drivers. Not enough time at home, a lack of adequate facilities/services on the job, and a lack of safety continues to be at the centre of the issue.

The Environment

Carbon-free trucks are already on the horizon, and within the next 10 years we expect this to excel. However,  what people don’t talk about is the running of refrigerated trailers through diesel.

Our solution tackles all of these issues directly.

Our solution has been designed to fit seamlessly within your current network. Click below to find out more.